About us

JAHANARA COTTON TEX LTD is the most modern manufacturer and supplier in Bangladesh. The Textile is a part of a family business legacy for more than 20 years. It is going to lead the second generation company to its achievements. Jahanara Textile started its journey in the year 2002. We have a large production unit and the mission of providing the top quality services to its customers. The Textile always aims to improve efficiency of production processes using the latest technologies. Having more than 33,000 sft floor spaces on 127.5 decimal land area, producing 52, 63,200 Yds of fabrics per year with over 166 machine facilities, The Textile perfectly combines strength and expertise in fabric manufacturing services suitable for industry needs.
At Jahanara Cotton Tex Ltd, 10 ways to attain & maintain a reputable quality in fabric business are:

  • World Class State-of-the-art Machineries
  • Taking advantages of the latest technologies
  • Emphasizing on preventions as well as inspection
  • Working with Total Quality Management principles
  • On time delivery
  • Continuously improving safety levels of products and working environments
  • Achieving customer’s satisfaction, we have professional quality management team comprised of Quality Assurance Manager, Quality Auditor and Quality Inspectors.
  • Putting research and development activity is the core of our business
  • Every stage of quality is ensured through protecting the environment
  •  Striving for excellence

We are manufacturing the best quality of fabrics like Twill, Poplin, Sheeting, Canvas, Panama Canvas, Ottoman Chambray, Rib Stop, etc. and pocketing fabrics including 100% Cotton sheeting, TC fabrics, TR fabrics. Our product features and attributes are listed below:

  • Twill Fabrics
  • Slub Twill Fabrics
  • Broken Twill Fabrics
  • Herringbone Twill Fabrics
  • Strich Twill Fabrics
  • Strich Satten Twill Fabrics
  • Canvas Fabrics
  • Oxford Canvas Fabrics
  • Panama Canvas Fabrics
  • Ribstop Fabrics
  • Bedford Cord Fabrics
  • Poplin Fabrics
  • Voil Fabrics
  • Calico Fabrics
  • Sheeting Fabrics
  • T.C Fabrics (Pocketing)
  • Yarn Dyed
  • T.C Yarn Dyed
  • Chambray

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