List of Major Buyer

JAHANARA COTTON TEX LTD is one of the raising and the most reliable fabric manufacturers providing high quality fabrics to the leading fashion brands and to meet the standards of the most discerning international buyers.

Sl No. Buyer Garments Industries
1 Al Muslim Garments Ltd, Sharmin Fashion Ltd, Bando Design Ltd, Natural Apparels Ltd, Fountain Garments Manufacturing Ltd, Vision Garments Ltd
2 Al Muslim Garments Ltd, Vision Garments Ltd, Talisman Ltd
3 Best Seller Al Muslim Garments Ltd, Talisman Ltd, Progress Apparels Ltd
4 Al Muslim Garments Ltd
5 Utah Group
6 Yester Jeans Ltd, Florence Group, Nipa Group
7 Florence Group, Spider Group, Natural Apparels Ltd
8 MBM Garments Ltd
9 Radians Group
10 Tangon Garments Ltd, Cyan Jeans Ltd.